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A simple Frozen themed Birthday Party

If you have a toddler who is a hardcore fan of Frozen movies and particularly being Elsa, you know what their request would be for their birthday. My 3 year old wanted to be Elsa on her big day. And even though it is lock down, I wanted to throw her a zoom party with… Continue Reading →

Real struggle of a Work from Home mom of 2 under 3

I am stepping into 3rd month of my work from home life due to the current pandemic situations . I am lucky enough to have my mom home to look after my 10 month old while I work. But she has some health issues and can’t hold the baby for so long. And I am… Continue Reading →

Air Travel while pregnant : All that you need to know

Congrats on your pregnancy !! I know your are anxiously waiting for that little bundle of joy to arrive. And may be you want to do one last baby moon trip before baby arrives (because after that you are housebound atleast for 3 months.) or there could be some unavoidable trips that you might have… Continue Reading →

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